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CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REVIEW REQUESTS: I am not currently accepting review requests. I will, however, be posting reviews for blog tours that I have signed up for. These blog tours are from tour companies that I am a host for. If I have not signed up to be a host for you, I cannot accept your request at this time, but thank you for considering me.
I prefer books in the following categories:  YA, New Adult, fantasy, contemporary romance, horror, historical romance, and some historical fiction.
What I like reading:
I read almost everything I can get my hands on.
  • I prefer fiction and occasionally nonfiction, especially if it’s about animals, or a memoir/biography. I like historical fiction if it’s about an interesting female from a time period that interests me. I am fairly picky about my historical fiction. I do tend to enjoy historical romances.
  • I like reading short stories, but I do not read poetry.
  • I like fantasy and a good adventure, with romance but not based mainly on romance. But like I said, I’ll read it if it looks good. I also enjoy contemporary romance.
  • I will read/review ARCs and self-published works. I prefer e-book formats for these.

Note:  I dislike anything preachy, mainly based on religion of any sort. Also, if your book has religious ideas/themes, please make sure it says so in the synopsis! I don’t want to be surprised like that (this has happened before).

Email me the tour and book info IF the book meets my review criteria (above). It would be fantastic if you could email me at least a month before the tour begins. I make no guarantees about agreeing to do the tour. Also, please note I only do tours for reviews (I only do tours for books I will review) and giveaways (if there is one, I will put it on my review). Not cover reveals or blitzes or interviews or anything else.

Contact Me

You can email me at if you have a review request or other request (as well as any questions you may have). Please state the purpose of the email (such as “book review request”) in the subject line. For your convenience, I have also provided a contact form below. I check my email several times a day so replies will be prompt.

If I do not answer your email, it is because I am not interested in your request and do not have time to politely decline every single one. Please do not take this personally and you need not take the time to send a follow-up email.

Please DO send:

  • The title of the book
  • The author
  • The genre
  • The synopsis
  • The number of pages
  • Optional: A link to your book on Goodreads, so I don’t have to hunt it down. If your book is NOT on Goodreads, I will add it myself, so it would be helpful if you gave me as much information as possible about it. Links to your website, the book on Amazon, or any other website that contains information about your book would be appreciated. In this particular scenario, you may send me the cover of your book as an attachment.

DO NOT send:

  • The book itself until after I agree to read/review it.
  • Requests asking me to feature you or your book on my blog in any way OTHER than a review (such as a spotlight, interview, or any other type of promo). I will not promote a book I haven’t read.
  • ANYTHING until you thoroughly read my review policy, listed above.

I will write a review on a book if a) the review was requested or b) after finishing, I had enough things to say about it to write a satisfying (length- and content-wise) review. If I hated it, I’ll review it. If I loved it, I’ll review it. And if it was a good solid 3 stars but had a lot for me to talk about, I’ll review it.

All reviews will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Other sites (such as Barnes and Noble) will be considered upon request.

Each review will include:

  • the book cover
  • title/author
  • my overall star rating AND a rating report (featuring my ratings for several categories, such as plot, writing, setting, etc.)
  • number of pages
  • publisher
  • date of publication
  • genres
  • format I read
  • source (where I got it)
  • a summary of the book from Goodreads
  • FTC disclosure and content warning when applicable
  • links to my reviews of other books in the same series and/or by the same author when applicable
  • graphics describing the book and how I felt about it (such as Addictive, Cliffhanger, Fantasy, Must-Read, etc.)
  • information about the author (including a picture, bio, and links to his/her website and various social media) when I can get it from the source, Goodreads, the author’s website, or anywhere else easily accessible
  • and finally, my thoughts on it. Review length does not have any connection to rating.
  • optional: giveaway information (if provided by the source)

All information will be unique to the particular edition I read.

I will provide links to the Goodreads page, affiliate links to the Amazon page (for those interested in buying it), and if there is a movie adaptation, a link to the movie page. The movie symbol will look like this:

Click here to go to the movie page.

If the post contains a surplus of spoilers, this icon will appear.

Rating System

Most of the time, ratings will be explained or will become obvious in the course of the review.

Note: I do not use the half-star system. Also, if I DNF a book (don’t finish it), it will not get a rating. As such, I will not post my review to Amazon. However, I will mark it as ‘read’ on Goodreads.


I did not like it. Or, more often, I hated it.


It was okay.


I liked it. OR, it was good but not my cup of tea.


I REALLY liked it.


It was amazing. Definitely a new favorite.

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